dear friend,

you've found it!

This is a site that I first made to learn how to code with. Fun fact, this whole site started as an idea of how I could send my friends my camcorder footage through a website! I soon found out that that requires PHP (yuck!) and became interested in web development and the 90s-2000s webdesign. I love the simplicity, the creativity and the freedom. I hope you feel that too on my site!

I first got on neocities in May, but I had heard a bit about it before that. I just never was really interested, and hadn't browsed the page before. But when I did, it opened up a whole new world of different and creative webpages, each one of them storing some emotions, some art, data, or personality. The concept is amazing, and I'm very happy that this kind of webdesign is making a return.

So what am I going to do with this site? On the right, you can see all my pages that I've created by now. I'm planning on making a whole blog to share my thoughts on, but that's still something that I haven't gotten the motivation to do yet! I love coding random stuff and cool or cute stuff that I see on other pages. Call it what you want, it's my site, my rules and I won't steal any art - all pages are on the buttons page.

Hope we'll meet again, byebye!

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